Dog and Cat Designs - Dxf Files
Dog and Cat Designs - Dxf Files

Dog and Cat Designs - Dxf Files

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Quality CNC plasma cutting dxf files - Dog and Cat collection.

This CD contains 140 designs including dogs and cats. Breeds include Afghan Hound,Airedale Terrier,Akita,American Eskimo Dog,American Foxhound,Anatolian Shepherd,Australian Shepherd,Australian Terrier,Basenji,Basset Hound,Beagle,Bearded Collie,Beauceron,Bedlington Terrier,Belgian Sheepdog,Belgian Tervuren,Black and Tan Coonhound,Black Russian Terrier,Bloodhound,Border Collie,Border Terrier,Borzoi,Boston Terrier,Boxer,Brittany,Bull Terrier,Bulldog,Canaan Dog,Cattle Dog,Chesapeake Bay Retriever,Chihuahua,Chow Chow,Cocker Spaniel,Corgi,Clumber Spaniel,Curley Coated Retriever,Dachshund,Dalmatian,Dandie Dinmont Terrier,Doberman Pinscher,English Foxhound,English Mastiff,English Springer Spaniel,Field Spaniel,Finnish Spitz,Fox Terrier,French Bulldog,German Pinscher,German Shepherd,German,Wire-haired Pointer,Golden Retriever,Great Dane,Great Pyrenees,Greater Swiss Mountain Dog,Greyhound,Ibizan,Hound,Irish Setter,Irish Terrier,Irish Wolfhound,Keeshond,Parsons Jack Russell Terrier,Komondor,Kuvasz,Labrador Retriever,Lhasa Apso,Malamute,Maltese,Manchester Terrier,Mastiff,Miniature Pinscher,Miniature Schnauzer,Newfoundland,Norwegian Elkhound,Norwich Terrier,Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever,Old English Sheepdog,Otterhound,Papillion,Pharaoh Hound,Pit Bull,Plott,Pointer,Pomeranian,Poodle,Portuguese Water Dog,Pug,Rhodesian Ridgeback,Rottweiler,Saluki,Samoyed,Schipperke,Scottish Terrier,Shar Pei,Shetland Sheepdog,Shiba Inu,Shih Tzu,Siberian Husky,Skye Terrier,Smooth Pointer,St. Bernard,Staffordshire Terrier,Sussex Spaniel,Swedish Vallhund,Tibetan Mastiff,Tibetan Spaniel,Tibetan Terrier,Toy Fox Terrier,Viszla,Welsh Terrier,Whippet,Wire Fox Terrier,Wire Haired Pointing Griffon

The Dog and Cat designs can be used in a variety of projects including, grave markers, memorials, dog houses, yard art, signs, wall hangings, mailboxes, addresses, furniture, etc

All of our art patterns were designed for cutting on your plasma, laser or water jet cutting table 
This art package includes dxf files for easy loading in your software. The patterns can be resized, moved, flipped, rotated, or combined with other designs. You also receive high quality jpg images of each pattern as well as pdf catalog pages to show your customers the variety of art you have to offer.

Example of our dxf file opened in the Plasmacam software 

Our dxf files are compatible with Plasmacam, Samson, PracticalCNC, Torchmate, DynaTorch, Vicon, Tracker CNC plasma cutting tables, as well as Omax water jet and many other brands.*
Our dxf files also can be opened in a wide variety of CAD programs such as DesignEdge, AutoCAD, Corel, Solidworks, Ornamental Pro, Mach2, winCNC, etc.*

If your system or software is not listed above and you would like to make sure the files will work for you, try our sample dxf file located here: Sample DXFpage

United States: All customers will receive CD's in the mail. You may also request a download if you need the files sooner than a few days. To request a download, call or write or place a note in your order. 

Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Puerto Rico: Customers have a choice of CD's in the mail and download or just download (no discs mailed). All customers in these countries will receive a download email to allow you to use your files immediately while your discs are on their way.

All Other Countries: Files will be sent by download only. 





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*Plasmacam, Torchmate, PracticalCNC, Samson, DynaTorch, Vicon, Tracker CNC, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Corel, Mach2 and winCNC are trademarks of their respective companies. We simply list the names for compatibility purposes and are NOT affiliated with any of these companies.